Why Best Weight?

Instead of “normal” weight or “ideal” weight, we prefer Best Weight as a goal weight. We define Best Weight as the healthiest weight you can maintain with a lifestyle you enjoy. You won’t find it on a chart, it’s something you discover on your weight loss journey. 

The 4 biggest factors controlling your weight are nutrition, physical activity, sleep and stress. We can help you with a 5th factor: medications. When you’re doing the best you can (not perfect!) in each of these areas, you’ll lose weight and then it will level out. If you can maintain what you’re doing in each of these areas, you have discovered your Best Weight.

Weight Loss for a Healthier You

Dr. Flaming is a family physician-trained obesity medicine specialist. He understands that obesity is a complex disease with many contributing factors and is committed to helping his patients lose weight and improve their health in a safe and sustainable way.

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